Telecommunications Department

Student Telephone PBN Application Form

Notice: A Personal Billing Number (PBN) is required for a student to make international phone calls. When using your PBN to make calls you will receive monthly charges on your tuition bill from the Office of Student Accounts.

Work orders are usually completed within two business days after request receipt, 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

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Additional Information

Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no charge for the initial activation of a PBN
  2. Accounts must be paid in full each month by the due date listed on the bill
  3. Late fees and disconnection of your PBN are administered by the Office of Student Accounts
  4. No complaints for bill discrepancies will be accepted 30 days past the invoice date
  5. Repairs may take up to 24 hours after notification
  6. No services (telephone or otherwise) are to be billed to campus telephones. This restriction includes, but is not limited to Collect, Third Party, and 10-10-XXXX calls
  7. If a technician determines that your telephone equipment is the cause of your telephone problems, our office reserves the right to charge a $10 fee
  8. Personal Billing Numbers are private and not to be shared. Unauthorized usage of a PBN is a criminal offense

I agree to the above conditions