Auto Dial

This feature will create a speed dial key on your digital phone which you can program. This feature is not necessary on 3904 telephones because they have an internal phone book.


With this feature, you can initiate a conference call for up to six people (including yourself).


If you have a digital phone, you can add or remove the phone numbers that appear on your set.

Call Forward

This feature will allow you to forward all of your calls to another extension on campus. This feature can not be used if you are in an ACD Queue.


If you have a line that does not have voicemail, hunting will transfer the caller, to another extension if the line is busy. If you do not have hunting, the line will give a busy signal.

Message Waiting

If you have a phone with a red LED message light, you need this feature for it to light up. Otherwise, you will receive stuttered dial-tone when you have a message.

Call Pickup

This feature will allow you to answer any line that is ringing in your pick-up group. For more information on pick-up groups, please call the Office of Telecommunications at x5151 option 2.

Ring Again

If you get a busy signal when calling an on-campus extension, this feature will notify you when the line is no longer busy. This feature will not work if the number you are calling has voicemail.

Speed Call

This feature will create a speed dial list for you. You can call the numbers on the list by dialing the 1, 2, or 3 digit speed dial number. Multiple people can also share a single speed dial list.


This feature allows you to transfer a call to another extension on campus.