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Setting Up Broadcast Message

To Set Up A Broadcast Message

1. Dial 5100
2. Enter 5889#
Voice mail box for the broadcast message system.
3. Press 5 to record
Once message has been recorded press # to save.

Once Recorded

1. Press 2 to review the message
2. Press 76 to delete the messgage
If you delete the message, you must press 5 to rerecord
3. Once you have completed your message, simply hangup.

After The Broadcast Message Has Been Recorded

1.Fill out Broadcast Message Form (here)
2. Print the Form
3. Make sure that the Vice President of your division has signed the bottom.
Message will not be sent without this signature
4. Fax form to 395-2679 or deliver form to 106B Allen (Office of Telecommunications)