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Forwarding Messages

You can forward a message to another mailbox, to a distribution list, or to a person with no voicemail (a nonuser). You can record an introduction to the original message.

To forward a message

  1. After hearing the message, press 73 to forward.
    You Will Hear- "Forwarding message (number). Enter a list of addresses."
  2. Enter the mailbox number, phone number, or distribution list to which you want to forward the message, then press #.  
    Note- You hear the name or mailbox number, or both, of the distribution list number.
    Repeat this step for any other mailbox numbers, phone numbers, or distribution lists.  End by pressing #.
  3. To record an introduction, press 5, wait for the tone, then speak. End the recording by pressing #.
  4. To send the message, press 79.
    You Will Hear- "Message sent.