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by Jean Racine
Translation by Ted Hughes

Photo: The Truth too late

November 2003
Directed by Richard St George
Scenic Design by Michelle Malavet, Alumna '95
Lighting Design by Gary Thomas Musante
Costume Design by Gail Argetsinger

Photo: Phedre
Brigitt Markusfield as Phedre

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Photo: Theramen and Hippolytus
Martin Razhdashki as Theramene
Liam Schill as Hippolytus


Photo: Theramene

Photo: Aricia
Rebekah Stein as Aricia

Photo: Ismene and Aricia
Cassandra Behrens as Ismene

Photo: Oenone
Emily Donn as Oenone


Photo: Hippolytus and Theseus
Ken Harrington as Theseus

Photo: Panope and Theseus
Julia Rogers as Panope


Photo: Panope


Photo: Full Set View
Full Stage View  Act V,  Scenic Design by Michelle Malavet, Alumna '95

Photo: The Set, USL




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