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Peer Mentor

Transfer Peer Mentor Program

TPMs with Ellsworth at Open House

Some of our Transfer Peer Mentors hanging with Ellsworth at a Fall Open House


Meet Your Transfer Peer Mentors! 2013-2014



 Rachel Hains

  • Hometown: Mexico, NY
  • Major(s): Accounting and Finance
  • Year: Senior
  • One recommendation to new transfer students: Do not lose track of who you are and what you are at Brockport for.
  • Why I love Brockport : The professors are always willing to help me at just about anytime I need them.


Emily Miller

Emily Miller

  • Hometown: Elmira, NY
  • Major: Social Work
  • Year: Senior
  • One recommendation to new transfer students- Learn how to manage your time very early in the semester!
  • Why I love Brockport because of the great atmosphere and all of the friendly people.



Kevin Aiken

  • Hometown: Rochester, NY
  • Major: Social Work
  • Year: Senior
  • One recommendation to new transfer students: Use your resources like the learning centers and the transfer center.
  • Why I love Brockport: Professors are knowledgeable and accessible and the school has an excellent learning environment.



Brett Lomnicki

  • Hometown: West Henrietta, NY
  • Major: Math, Adolescent Education Certification
  • Year: Senior
  • Recommendation: Use your resources, there are many to help you with most anything you may need!
  • Why I love Brockport: Caring faculty, staff and professors make the experience easy, fun and non-stressful.

Camden Palmeter

  • Hometown: Oneonta, NY
  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Health Science
  • One recommendation: get involved!
  • I love Brockport because of the health science department, football team and the overall campus.


Laniqua Ruffin

Hometown: Syracuse
Major: Health Science
Year: Senior
One recommendation for new transfer students: get to know each and everyone of your teachers, build a connection.
I love Brockport because I was able  to gain a connection with my teachers instead of just being a name or number in class.


Tiara Holiday

Hometown: Rochester
Major: Health Science (concentration in Public Health)
Year: Senior
One recommendation: Stay on top of your studies!
I love Brockport because all of my professors being great resources!


David Booth

Hometown: Lincoln Park, Michigan
Major(s): Criminal Justice and Sociology
Year: Senior
One recommendation for new transfer students: Learn to read and understand your DARS report, this is your holy grail to graduate from Brockport on time.
I love Brockport because the professors, friends, and contacts I have made while attending Brockport that I could call upon after I graduate for a personal reference, seek advice from down the road, or just talk.


Kimberly Schaeffer

Hometown: Henrietta
Major: psychology
Year: Junior
Recommend: keep a planner with all of your assignments in it so you don't miss anything!
Like: there is always an event or something fun to do on campus


Krystal Devivo

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Major: Nursing
Year: Senior
One recommendation to new transfer students: Get involved in a club or sport its a great way to meet new people
I love Brockport because of the great education, welcoming faculty and the friendships I've made here.


Ti'Ocea Hagins

Hometown: Rochester
Major: Criminal Justice, minor in Forensic Science
Year: Senior
One recommendation for new transfer students: use as many resources as possible especially the Transfer Center.  Don't be afraid to ask questions because a closed mouth will never get fed.  No question is a dumb question.
I love Brockport because of the growth opportunities that come along.  After I finished my first semester there are a number of opportunities and doors opening. The faculty and staff really make sure that you succeed.  When I fires arrived I realized that I wasn't just a transfer student but I was a Brockport student!


Michael Morgese

Hometown: Syracuse
Major(s): Criminal Justice and Sociology
Year: Senior
I chose Brockport due to the programs they offered and the great atmosphere.
I love the dedication from the faculty and staff, which creates a wonderful learning environment while opening the door for future opportunities.


Philip Baldo

Hometown:  Rochester
Major: Business Administration (concentration in Management)
Year: Senior
One recommendation for new transfer students: Ask questions!
I love Brockport because: of the amount of opportunities they offer for you to succeed.


James Lachman

Hometown: Brockport
Major: Social Work
Year: Senior
One recommendation: seriously consider a full semester of study abroad.  It will expand who you are as a global citizen in ways that nothing else can.  I highly recommend the Viet Nam program and would be happy to share more.


 Alex Menz

I am a Senior, and will be graduating in December 2014. My major is Computer Science in the Software Development track.  I am from West Henrietta a suburb of Rochester New York. What I really like about Brockport is the classes; they are small enough to not be just a number.  My professors know me by name, and I really enjoy the Computer Science Department. My advices to incoming students is to check your email continuously throughout the day, and have your angel forwarded to your email.


Ashley Holland


Aubrey Welch

Hometown: Rochester
Major: Business Administration: Management Concentration
Year: Senior
One recommendation: Always remain on top of your studies and do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help.
I enjoy Brockport because of the friends I have made while attending college here.


Dominick Guglielmo

Year: junior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Glens Falls
I chose Brockport because they have a great business program and great athletics. 
The advise I would give is to get involved. It will help you make friends and stay active. 


Kat Madsen

Hometown: Brooklyn
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
I like Brockport because: I have a good relationship with my professors. Even though most of my classes were big lectures my professors still knew me by name.
One piece of advice: Forward your Angel to your gmail, and have that sent to your phone (if you can).


Zharise Bryant

Year: Junior
Major: Computer Information Systems
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Why I like Brockport: First, I like my academic program better here, than at my old school. Second, It's much easier to get involved here. I have been involved more in one semester here than I was in three there, and I Love It.
A bit of advice: Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and put yourself out there. Once you get to know a few people, they will introduce you to more, and give you both social and academic information about the school and area.


Lindsay Snyder

Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: LeRoy, NY
What I like about Brockport: I’m in love with the set-up of the campus & the friendliness found throughout it.
Advice: Don’t get discouraged when things don’t seem to be falling into place at first because it’s only a matter of time until everything becomes great here.


Riley Zenkowski

Year: Senior
Major: Communications 
Hometown: Bloomfield, NY
Why I like Brockport: I like Brockport because of the awesome connections I have made, both with professors and other students. 
Advice for transfers: Try to be as organized as possible so you can prevent stress!


Stacey Smith


Year: senior
Major: Psychology ( possible health science)
Hometown: grow up in Albion NY live in Batavia NY
I like being a student at Brockport because its feels like a tight nit community. I know when ever I need help there are people that will help me either themselves or directing me to the person or people  that can.
Advice I'd give any student transferring into Brockport get involved in campus activities. Doing so you'll get to know more people, you'll have things to do outside of schoolwork, and it will help you to become apart of the Brockport community!



**More Mentor Information Coming Soon**

Interested in becoming a Transfer Peer Mentor for fall 2014?  Stay tuned for application deadline. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us!

Share your transfer experience with new transfer students!

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • Peer Mentors play a vital role in helping new students learn about our campus and community by creating a welcoming and informative environment.
  • Mentors are resources for students for information about academic policies and programs, social organizations, campus life and curricular/co-curricular activities.
  • Mentors are representatives of The College at Brockport the summer before, and the current academic semester, who assist with the implementation of the Peer Mentoring program.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a Peer Mentor for incoming transfers by sending out weekly emails to approximately 100 new students; you would answer questions and address any concerns brought forth by students. You would also be responsible for referring students to appropriate offices on campus if necessary.
  • Participate in two training sessions about college policies and educational requirements and services.
  • Overall, help first-year transfer students feel comfortable in their transition to the College by being responsive to and aware of their needs and concerns.

Qualifications for Consideration

Preference will be given to candidates who meet the following preferred qualifications:

  • Current transfer student who has been through the transfer process.
  • Brockport student who will be a full time, matriculated student in current semester, with a flexible co-curricular schedule.
  • In good disciplinary and academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.)
  • Involved in co-curricular activities.
  • Possess the ability to be hard-working, flexible and have a sense of humor.
  • Exhibit excellent communication skills (especially public speaking) and leadership capabilities.
  • Possess outstanding organizational skills.
  • Ability and desire to work with students, faculty and staff.
  • Have a strong commitment to The College at Brockport and the philosophy behind the Peer Mentoring Program.
  • Have a positive, motivated attitude.

Transfers Contact Us!

Phone: 585-395-5439

Email: transfer@ brockport . edu


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