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Brockport / Transfer Year / TAPS

Transfer Academic Planning Seminar (TAPS)

Transfer Academic Planning Seminar-TAPS
GEP 300

Be sure to register for GEP 300, TAPS fall 2013!

Mondays- 5:05 to 5:55 pm (CRN 4790)
Tuesdays- 12:55 to 1:45 pm (CRN 4464)
Wednesdays- 10:10 to 11:00 am (CRN 4465) 


Transfer students with 24 or more credits* who are looking for an opportunity to earn credit while becoming more familiar with The College at Brockport may register for GEP 300 Transfer Academic Planning Seminar (TAPS). The course is pass/fail.

The goals of TAPS are to:

  • Provide regular contact with a faculty or staff member who cares about student's progress.
  • Help student make best use of the faculty advisement system.
  • Help student develop a supportive peer group.
  • Help student navigate ANGEL, Banner and other College systems.
  • Introduce student to the services available at the Career Services Office.
  • Introduce student to the services available at the Student Learning Center.
  • Help student understand how to use the College Library.
  • Help student improve note taking, textbook reading and examination taking skills.
  • Help student manage their time.
  • Help student understand the Brockport General Education program.
  • Help student understand career options.
  • Inform student about drop/add, withdrawal and registration policies.
  • Help student understand instructors' expectations.

 *The College at Brockport requires students with fewer than 24 credits to participate in an extended orientation to college through a one-credit course called GEP100 Academic Planning Seminar (APS). Students who meet the less than 24 credit mark will be registered for APS automatically during freshmen registration.

Transfers Contact Us!

Phone: 585-395-5397


AOL Screen Name: bporttransfer

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