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Co-Curricular Transcript - myCCT


What is a Co-Curricular Transcript (myCCT)?

The Co-Curricular Transcript (myCCT) is a web-based document that captures your various accomplishments and involvements at The College at Brockport and allows you to reflect on how they have impacted your collegiate experience. Through myCCT, you are able to showcase your involvement and leadership in student organizations, committees, and groups; track your community service hours; and highlight any honors, awards, internships, and study abroad experiences.

The Co-Curricular Transcript (myCCT) is a great way to track your out-of-classroom experiences while a student at The College at Brockport. It makes a great companion to a traditional résumé, helping prospective employers see your full potential. The Co-Curricular Transcript can also be attached to graduate school applications or as a supplemental document to add to your portfolio.

Where do I find myCCT?

Every student at The College at Brockport has a Co-Curricular Transcript located in the online student involvement platform, myBROCKPORT. Sign in to myBROCKPORT at with your Brockport NetID and password, then click on the drop-down “My Involvement” tab on the navigation bar and choose “Co-Curricular Transcript.” Open this brochure to find all of the various accomplishments and involvements that you can add to myCCT.

How to get started?

There are currently a variety of memberships or experiences that you can add to your Co-Curricular Transcript (myCCT). Follow the directions below to add or edit your memberships and experiences.


The Student Involvement section is based on all of your memberships in groups within the myBROCKPORT system including registered student organizations (academic, honor societies, BSG clubs, Campus Recreation club sports, fraternities and sororities, and interest groups), class council pages, residence hall groups, campus groups, campus committees, and department groups. In order for a group to appear in this list, you must be a member within the myBROCKPORT system.

To view memberships: Click the drop-down “My Involvement” tab on the navigation bar and select “Memberships” ( All of your current and past memberships listed on the “Memberships” screen will appear on your Co-Curricular Transcript.

To edit current or past memberships: On the “Memberships” screen, click on the group that you wish to edit. You can add a reflection for each membership, allowing you to showcase what you learned or how you contributed to the group in that specific role. There is also an option to “Leave Organization” if you wish to end a current membership. You can also add reflections to your past memberships (

To add new current memberships: Find the group at and join the group. You will need to contact the administrator of the group if you are trying to join a closed group (fraternity, sorority, honor society, residence hall group or department).

To add new past memberships: On the “Memberships” screen, click on
“Add Past Memberships” ( Complete the organization name, position within the group, start date, end date and reflection and submit. Once approved, the past membership will appear under your Co-Curricular Transcript.


To view your self-reported experiences (Honors & Awards, Community Service, Internship, Study Abroad): Click on the drop-down “My Involvement” tab on the navigation bar, then select “Experiences” (

To add an experience: Click on the “Add Experience” button on the “Experiences” screen ( and select the experience that you wish to add (Honors & Awards, Community Service, Internship, or Study Abroad). Complete the form as directed and submit it for approval. Once approved, the experience will appear under your Co-Curricular Transcript.

To edit an approved experience: Select the experience on the “Experiences” screen that you wish to edit and resubmit for approval.

How to print and save myCCT?

Are you finished editing the content of your Co-Curricular Transcript and ready to show it off? Visit to make any final design and layout decisions before printing or saving.

The features below allow you to tweak different versions of your Co-Curricular Transcript based on your intended use. Whether you need a list of your service hours, a list of leadership positions, a list of clubs and organizations, a one-page handout of your top overall highlights, or a master copy of all of your involvement, you are able to customize different versions of your Co-Curricular Transcript.

“Change Layout” button - Allows you to change the order of the sections or hide a section that you wish to not include.

“Add” button - Under each section (Student Involvement, Honors & Awards, Community Service, Internships, and Study Abroad), you are able to hide or unhide any of your memberships or experiences, including positions. Anything that you “hide” can be unhidden by selecting the “Add” button.

“Sort” button – Under each section, you are able to change the order of the items in that section.

“Reflections” checkbox - Under each section, you are able to hide or show your self-reported reflections that you submitted under any memberships or experiences.

“Print” button – Allows you to see a preview of how the document will print before hitting the final “Print” button.

“Create PDF” button– Allows you to open or save a copy as a PDF document.

“Save” button – Allows you to save the layout changes that you have made.

Need help?

For more information or questions about your Co-Curricular Transcript (myCCT), contact Student Union & Activities!

Visit: Seymour College Union B105
Call: 585-395-5646

Last Updated 6/24/15