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How to Start a New Organization

The following information is taken from our Student Organization Registration Policy

  • New Organization Registration Process
    1. Prior to registration:
      1. Verify with The Space/myBROCKPORT that a similar group does not already exist as a registered student organization
      2. Stated mission must align with the mission of the college.
      3. Schedule a meeting with the Student Organization Coordinator by emailing to discuss the registration process and the organization’s goals.
      4. Hold an interest meeting sponsored by The Space. Turn a copy of the attendance in to the Student Organization Coordinator.
      5. Gather a group of at least 5 interested students.
      6. Determine who will serve at the organization’s Interim President and Vice President.
      7. Find a faculty or staff member at The College at Brockport who is willing to serve as the organization’s advisor
      8. Create a constitution (template). The constitution must include the following information:
        1. Name of Organization
        2. Purpose/Mission Statement (Include how the organization’s purpose and mission aligns with the College’s mission)
        3. Affiliations (Indicate if your group has affiliation with a Brockport department and/or any other campus, local, state, national, or international organization and explain the relationship.)
        4. How membership is determined (open to all, dues, eligibility)? See III.C. for more information regarding the college’s nondiscrimination statement.
        5. Officers (Include unique titles for your student organization leaders-i.e President may be calle Captain)
        6. How are officers elected & please list duties for each elected position?
        7. Advisor’s name and contact information
        8. Anti-hazing policy. See III.D. for more information on the college’s policy.
    2. The President will register as an interest group on myBROCKPORT.
    3. The President or designee will attend the New Organization Workshop series throughout the first semester of their registration.
    4. As appropriate, the organization will begin recognition steps to be completed at the end of the first year of registration.
    5. Once registered, all student organizations must complete the re-registration process each year.

Last Updated 6/25/15