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The College at Brockport University Police

Mission & Goals


The Department of University Police is committed to the maintenance of a safe and secure campus environment for all students, staff, faculty and visitors in which the educational mission of the College may flourish.  Placing emphasis on crime prevention and deterrance, personal safety education and service to the College community, we continually strive to improve our performance and assess the results thereof.  We strongly believe that our services are an integral component of student safety, student satisfaction and ultimately, student success.



Responsibilities Include:

  • Round-the-clock patrol, via motor vehicle, foot and bicycle, of campus property and surrounding roadways in order to deter, prevent and detect criminal activity
  • Investigation of all crimes that are reported to have occurred on campus property
  • Enforcement of college and Residence Hall policies in conjunction with the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities
  • 24-hour staffing of Dispatch Desk where emergency calls and requests for service are received and all campus fire alarm systems and Blue Light emergency telephones are monitored
  • Crime prevention and safety education programs presented in Residence Halls through the Community Policing program
  • Oversight of the Student Patrol including operation of the Campus Escort Service which provides safe transportation services upon request during the hours of darkness
  • Staffing of major campus events such as Commencement, Welcome Week activities, major concerts, athletic contests, late-night social events, “Brock-The-Port”, etc. in order to ensure public safety and order maintenance
  • Training, planning and coordination of activities related to campus Emergency Preparedness


2010-2011 GOALS

Learning Environment & Quality of Place
  • Provide leadership and strategic direction to enhance the perception and the reality that campus safety is a factor in student retention and student learning.
  • Develop and maintain a portfolio of programs and services that promote campus safety.
  • Maintain knowledge and ensure sound practice of all county, state and federal laws and in accordance with International Association of Collegiate Law Enforcement Agencies (IACLEA), NIMS/FEMA emergency management practices and SUNY University Police Rules & Procedures manual.
  • Provide oversight to the student patrol program. 
  • Ensure all training provided by University Police has consistent messages that support the department’s mission and philosophy of campus safety. 
  • Provide programs and services that promote student development in the context of personal and public safety. 
  • Provide an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome and are able to express their identity.
  • Minimize the influence of alcohol and other drugs by students.
  • Provide the vision to the Community Policing program, evaluate Officer / RD relationships and provide feedback to the Assistant Vice President.
  • Conduct campus safety presentations for incoming students and parents at summer orientation sessions.



  • Begin the three-year process to become accredited by the State Department of Criminal Justice Services.
    • Attend program manager training on October 5, 2011.
    • Identify accreditation manager and provide direction.
    • Prioritize compliance with selected standards
  • Continue to make attempts to fill the one vacancy with an officer that has experience with a SUNY institution.
  • Work with Athletics and Recreation Services to begin to review security in the Tuttle Complex and its addition, the Special Events Recreation Center.  Make recommendations that improve the overall safety and security of the facility and its patrons.
  • Serve as an active member of the SUNY mandated Campus Personal Safety Committee