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Washington Program

Housing in the SUNY Brockport Washington Programs

Beginning with the summer session, 2009, SUNY Brockport will no longer arrange housing for students interning in Washington during the summer program or semester programs.

Click below if you would like a list of housing options in the Washington, DC area that may be open to short-term leasing and a list of suggestions as to how to obtain housing on your own. 

Any housing on the list is in no way associated with The College at Brockport or the State University of New York.  Students in each Washington-based program are responsible for securing housing independently.  SUNY does not provide, make arrangement for, sponsor, or associate with any housing programs, apartment complexes, local universities, or apartment search firms that provide housing in the Washington area.

The purpose of this list is merely to assist prospective students in seeking as many short term housing options as possible. Further, students are encouraged to seek other sources to secure the best possible options.

Housing costs are separate from program fees. Failure to successfully secure housing does not warrant a program fee refund past the registration deadline.

Click here for the list if you understand and agree with these terms.

For more information, contact:

Program Director
SUNY Brockport Washington Program
444 North Capital Street NW, Suite 221
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 403-8507