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Washington Program

Why and where should you intern?

The internship is the core element in the experiential learning opportunity offered through SUNY Brockport’s Washington Program and Summer Internship Program. Internships allow students to plan and control their own learning outcomes. Most students find that experiential education “sticks with them” longer than classroom-only education. And employers and professional schools view internship experience as a positive indicator of future success in work and school environments.

Students work full-time four days a week (Monday through Thursday) for 15 weeks in governmental offices or at organizations involved in studying or attempting to influence public policy or the policy-making process. Over the course of the past 36 years, more than 3,300 students have participated in the SUNY Brockport Washington Program and they have interned at more than 750 different offices and organizations.

Each student has unique internship preferences and expectations. Many students come to Washington to delve deeply into a specific issue of public policy. Others prefer the excitement of Capitol Hill or party politics. Some students would rather work in a large organization and have well defined duties. Others prefer a smaller, more casual work setting.

To help you make the best decision, the program staff will interview you before you come to Washington and assist you as you define your internship and research objectives. They will then provide you with several internship possibilities and (when they exist) evaluations of the offices and organizations written by former program participants. (More than 80 percent of the internships selected by past students have received a rating of "excellent" or "superior" by program participants.)

Ultimately, the final decision about where to intern belongs to you.

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For more information, contact:

Program Director
SUNY Brockport Washington Program
444 North Capital Street NW, Suite 221
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 403-8507