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Washington Program

Jobs and Careers in Washington  

Washington, D.C. currently offers entry level job seekers who are college graduates the most vibrant job market in the nation.

There were more new jobs created in the Washington metropolitan area last year than in any metropolitan area of the country--more that New York, Los Angeles, or Houston.  In fact, Washington has ranked #1 in the U.S. in "knowledge jobs" (i.e. managerial, professional, and technical jobs) for the last several years.

In the short run, the job market is expected to get even better as fifty thousand “baby boomer” federal employees (half of them in Washington jobs) are expected to retire each year for the next several years.

These government jobs are not limited to liberal arts majors; the Pentagon hires more than 6,000 engineers a year and the federal government employs thousands of information technology majors. In fact, there are more science and engineering jobs in Washington than in any other U.S. city; more than twice as many as in New York, Boston, or San Francisco.

Many students who have gone through SUNY Brockport Washington programs have taken advantage of the job market here and have embarked on careers in the public and private sectors in Washington and program alums currently serve in top Congressional, White House, judicial, and non-governmental policy positions.

Program alums have served as top campaign staff, advisors, and consultants in presidential, gubernatorial, congressional, and local elections.

There are SUNY Brockport program alums with successful careers in law, lobbying, business, education, research, and journalism. Many of these alums participate in the SUNY Brockport Washington Program’s Mentoring Project, through which each student who is in an internship program is linked with a program alum who agrees to meet with the student on a regular basis while the student is in Washington.

Other social events sponsored each semester by the program increase the students’ and alums’ networking opportunities.

Over the past five years, nearly forty percent of the students in the SUNY Brockport Washington Semester Program have received job offers directly or indirectly as a result of their participation in the program.

In recent years, the program has initiated a “jobs listserv”; a student-alum social event each semester to enable program participants to network and get leads from alums; a twice-monthly job and career seminar conducted by local and SUNY experts; and an alum newsletter to keep you current after you finish your program coursework.

If you’re interested in a career in politics or public policy, join us.

For more information, contact:

Program Director
SUNY Brockport Washington Program
444 North Capital Street NW, Suite 221
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 403-8507