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Washington Program

Journal of Public Policy and the Policy-Making Process

As part of the SUNY Brockport Washington Program, students prepare research papers drawing on and expanding upon their internship experiences. The research papers typically examine a public policy topic or some aspect of the policy-making process.

 In January 2000, the program began publication of the Journal of Public Policy and the Policy-Making Process. The purpose of the journal is to encourage and recognize exemplary research and writing skills by students participating in the SUNY Brockport Washington Program.

The journal is published in hard-copy form twice a year, corresponding roughly to the fall and spring academic semesters, with a lag of approximately one year to allow time for the editing and formatting of student papers. The journal is edited with a very light hand, allowing students to speak in their own voice and to receive the credit (and to accept the responsibility) for their work.


Early issues of the journal were edited by the Program Director.

The journal is in the process of being converted to an electronic form that will be available by link from this web site.

List of contributors to the Journal of Public Policy and the Policy-Making Process, by semester.

For more information, contact:

Program Director
SUNY Brockport Washington Program
444 North Capital Street NW, Suite 221
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 403-8507