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Tillie Olsen -- Fiction
Tillie Olsen

Host(s): Mary Elsie Robertson and Peter Marchant

Tape order number: C-492

Visit Date: November 3, 1977

Length: 50 minutes

Brief Summary: Olsen soliloquizes about her mother, and about the power of faith in humanity that Olsen inherited from her mother. Olsen feels an affinity with Van Gogh in her effort to bear witness through art to the dignity of struggling workers, and talks about her conviction that only through struggle does humanity progress. Olsen does not feel bitter having lived in poverty, but neither does she now feel fulfilled having risen out of poverty.

Work(s) Discussed:

  • "I Stand Here Ironing"
  • "O Yes"

Work(s) Read:

  • Selections from "Tell Me a Riddle"

Writers mentioned:

  • M Sarton
  • W.E.B. Dubois
  • J. Joyce
  • M. Gorky
  • A. Chekhov
  • T. Hardy
  • S. O'Casey
  • V. Woolf
  • L. Tolstoy
  • J. London
  • A. Camus
  • G. Stein
  • W. Whitman
  • E. Muir
  • H.D. Thoreau

It's a great source of joy to not be alone in our world.

-- Tillie Olsen

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