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Brockport / WMS / Mission

Women and Gender Studies

Mission Statement

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is committed to exploring gender and women’s issues from a multidisciplinary perspective; across diverse populations; and within a local, national and transnational context. The program seeks to provide students with the occasion to investigate the intersectionality of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexuality and other dimensions of social identity. The program offers both a major and minor with course work dedicated to heightening awareness of the political, socioeconomic, and cultural ideologies related to gender theory. The women and gender studies cur-riculum seeks to support pedagogy rooted in social justice and equality and to situate the classroom as a collaborative space where both instructor and students mediate knowledge production. The Women and Gender Studies Program works to make the diversity of women’s and gendered perspectives visible and to position student success within an academic, professional and personal context.


The goals of the Women and Gender Studies Program are to:

  • Provide a curriculum with an inclusive view of the human experience.
  • Teach and learn about the experiences of women and gender diversity as realized within a multidisciplinary and global context.
  • Consider the intersections of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexuality and religion as situated along a continuum and within a global dimension.
  • Value personal experience as a way of learning and knowing.
  • Create and produce new knowledge about women and gender and apply it to personal, political and institutional change.
  • Bridge theory and practice, and empower students through mentoring, internships and leadership training initiatives.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Women and Gender Studies major will be able to:

  1. Describe how patriarchy has operated historically.
  2. Identify ways systems of sex and gender oppressions function in society.
  3. Analyze constructs of sex and gender roles as they intersect other social categories across cultures.
  4. Evaluate conceptual and methodological knowledge of women and gender studies scholarship in research.
  5. Apply knowledge of women and gender studies in activism and real-world practice.
  6. Integrate lived experiences into contemporary issues concerning women and gender.
  7. Defend discipline-specific expertise in one or more specialized areas under women and gender studies.

Last Updated 4/1/14