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Wel∙come Week noun    \wel-kuh m ‘wēk\

 Definition of WELCOME WEEK

           1.    The first week back to campus of both the fall and spring semesters

           2.    A chance to test your luck in Late Night with Ellsworth’s Grocery Bingo

           3.    A packed schedule of events to prepare you for your Golden Eagle journey

           4.    Your first chance to give Ellsworth a high five      

           5.    The time to meet your new roommate and resident assistant
           6.    Your official welcome to The College at Brockport 


Welcome Week began at The College at Brockport as a chance for new students to get to know the campus, fellow students and friendly faculty.

WELCOME WEEK Used in a Sentence

             1.    I am so excited for this year’s Welcome Week and all that Brockport has to offer!

             2.    Welcome Week is a great chance for current students to volunteer and grow their leadership skills.

Students with documented disabilities who require special accommodations for any of the scheduled programs, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at (585) 395-5409 at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements.

Questions? Contact Student Union and Activities

Phone: (585) 395-5646 Email: theu@brockport.edu

TO VOLUNTEER for Welcome Week Activities (including Move-in and Saturday of Service): http://www.brockport.edu/serve/ww

Last Updated 6/26/13