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Advisement at The College at Brockport

As a Brockport student, you're assigned a faculty advisor from the day you arrive on campus until the day you graduate.  If you enter as a freshman, the instructor of your Academic Planning Seminar (APS) will be your advisor until you choose a major, and then you're assigned an advisor from your major department.  If you transfer to The College at Brockport from another college, you'll be assigned an advisor from the appropriate department - if you've chosen your major - or a generalist, if you haven't.  All of this is known as faculty-based advisement, but it still requires central coordination, and that's a major responsibility of the Office of Academic Advisement.


If you have questions about academic policies or procedures and you can't locate your own advisor (or he/she can't locate the information you need), you can be sure you'll get an answer or an explanation at Academic Advisement.  You also can be sure of finding any of the various forms that are required in the advisement.


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