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Degree Audit Report System

What is DARS?

DARS is a computer-based system developed by Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, that provides a cumulative transcript audit for you and your Brockport academic advisor to use when planning your course work.  DARS lists all the degree requirements you have already completed previously here or elsewhere, and the requirements you'll need to complete at Brockport.

Once you arrive at The College at Brockport, DARS will allow you and your advisor to continue to track your progress toward your degree at The College at Brockport.  For TRANSFERS, just keep in mind that your initial DARS report shows only your transfer courses, and projects your transfer status, assuming that you successfully complete all course work in progress.


Let's look at what DARS is not.

The DARS report does not replace an advisor, but is a tool meant to assist both you and your advisor.  It reduces mechanical record-keeping tasks and gives advisors more time to interact with students.

The DARS report is also not a transcript.  It is an internal College document that is not intended to report student achievement to outside parties.  DARS reports cannot be released by the College without your consent.

Here's Some Help Using and Understanding Your DARS Report.

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