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Advisor/Advisee Expectations

The advisor should:

The advisee should:

  • Recognize that you are ultimately responsible for knowing and fulfilling all degree requirements. You are also responsible for being aware of and meeting academic deadlines and financial obligations.
  • Be aware of departmental major, General Education, and College degree requirements.
  • Understand how to read and use a DARS report.
  • Consult with the advisor at least once each semester.
  • Make appointments for advising via phone, e-mail, or office hour sign-up sheets during mutually agreed upon advising times.
  • Keep appointments promptly.
  • If unable to make a scheduled appointment, notify the advisor in advance.
  • Discuss academic and career-related needs and seek additional help from appropriate sources as suggested by the advisor.
  • Be prepared for the advising appointment by bringing appropriate materials and written questions and by having reviewed the DARS report, checked catalog requirements, consulted the current semester course schedule, and prepared a tentative schedule.
  • Seek assistance in decision-making rather than expect the advisor to make decisions.
  • Follow through with appropriate action after each advising session and consult with the advisor if critical decisions cannot be accomplished.