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Transfer Academic Planning Guide

Thank you for your interest in transferring to The College at Brockport. We have gathered some information that should help you transition to the program of your choice at the College. If you are currently attending a two-year institution, we strongly recommend that you finish your associate's degree, preferably an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree. This will guarantee you full junior status and a minimum of 60 transfer credits.

For all SUNY transfers (two- and four-year schools), when selecting courses at your transfer institution, we suggest taking courses that will fill the SUNY General Education Knowledge and Skills areas. In addition to the SUNY-wide requirements, Brockport's local General Education Program requires courses addressing women's issues, diversity and contemporary issues. Courses filling these requirements can be found for selected institutions included below. Finally, take a look at major requirements for your chosen Brockport program and select a few beginning courses in your major.

By following these suggestions, you should arrive at Brockport right on schedule toward your baccalaureate degree.


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Course equivalencies from selected colleges
and universities.

For more information about becoming transferring to the College at Brockport, see our Transfer Policies page.

Transfer Policies