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Chemistry Course Equivalencies

Monroe CC

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MCC Course
Brockport Equivalent
CHE 136 Introductory Forensic Science CHM 171 Forensic Science
CHE 145 Prep for Gen College Chemistry CHM 111 Intro. to Chemistry

CHE 121 Chem for Tech & Health Science

CHE 122 Chem for Health Sciences II

CHM 260 Chemistry for the Health Professions

CHE 124 General Organic and Biochemistry
(approved for Nursing prerequisite)

CHM 260 Chemistry for the Health Professions
CHE 151 General College Chemistry I CHM 205 College Chemistry I
CHE 152 General College Chemistry II CHM 206 College Chemistry II
CHE 213 Analytical Chemistry I CHM 303 Analytical Chemistry I
CHE 251 Organic Chemistry I CHM 305 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 252 Organic Chemistry II CHM 306 Organic Chemistry II

T** = Lower division elective; U** = Upper division elective


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