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Declaring Your Academic Major as a Transfer

Sure, we already have a good idea of what you plan to study at The College at Brockport Brockport from your Admissions application, but you will still need to declare that major formally, and the sooner the better. You can start the process by completing a Declaration of Major form at the SOAR program for transfers, or simply visit the academic department when the semester starts and ask for the form. The department chair or advisement coordinator will then assign you a faculty advisor within that department. The Declaration of Major form officially states your major and advisor on college records, so that your records will be sent to the correct department when you need advisement.

There are some academic majors, such as business administration, nursing, criminal justice, and social work, that have limited enrollment and which require certain prerequisites to be met before you are granted acceptance into their programs. For these programs, you may have to file an Intent to Major rather than a Declaration of Major (same form, different boxes). This also brings you a departmental advisor, who will assist you in meeting prerequisite requirements and working toward becoming an official major.

If you declare a second major, a minor, or are accepted into a teaching certification program, you will be assigned an advisor from each program.

If you're undecided about a major, the Academic Advisement Office will assist you with advisement until you choose a major. The Office of Career Services can provide direction and options as you define your academic career goals.