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NSF-Grant awarded to Prof. Hoffmann

Prof. Hoffmann has received a $236,329 grant (award # 0842960) for a three-year award period from the National Science Foundation to investigate ion pairing of particular ionic liquids in low dielectric media conducting a host of physicochemical measurements. Ionic liquids are salts which are liquid at or near room temperature. They are currently intensively studied as a novel medium for chemical synthesis and chemical applications in general. During the 2007/08 academic year Prof. Hoffmann spent a sabbatical research stay at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, Germany working with Prof. Annegret Stark at the Institute for Technical and Environmental Chemistry, an institute entirely devoted to “Green Chemistry” research. The NSF grant will support a continuation of the research collaboration with Prof. Stark. The grant will fund summer research stipends for two Brockport undergraduate students, one of which will travel to Germany. Equipment acquisitions for a total of $71,000 are also included as part of the grant. These acquisitions will not only strengthen the research capabilities at the College but will also be integrated into to chemistry laboratory curriculum. Brockport chemistry and biochemistry majors interested in applying for the summer research positions, please contact Prof. Hoffmann. Application information is also posted under the Chemistry major list serve on Angel. The application deadline is the Friday of the Fall semester finals week.

Please direct any questions and comments to Prof. Hoffmann via email.