Leave Donation Program Guidelines

The intent of this program is to provide a means to assist employees who, because of long-term personal illness, have exhausted their leave benefits and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work.

Eligibility to Donate

In order to donate vacation credits, an employee must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

Donations must be made in full day (7.5 or 8-hour) units.

Agency management may not disclose the identity of donors. Employees may not donate vacation credits that would otherwise have been forfeited. Note: donated leave is taken from the donor's balance at the time it is needed by the recipient, not necessarily at the time of the donation.

Eligibility to Receive Donated Leave

In order to receive donated leave credits, an employee must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Additional information relating to employees in a particular negotiating unit may be available in the unit's collective bargaining agreement. Look for the agreement you desire to review at: http://www.goer.state.ny.us/cna/bucenter/index.html


Leave Donation Authorization Form (msword) or (html) or (pdf)