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SUNY University-Wide Human Resources Manual
SUNY Professional Service Title Descriptions - Grouped by Family and Grade

last update: Sunday, February 6, 2005

This page provides links to Title Specifications for State University of New York professional service (unclassified) titles grouped by "family". Unless otherwise assigned, the author of this page has determined the appropriate group for a title. Also, unless stated otherwise in the title spectification, full-time appointees to these titles earn credit towards continuing/permanent appointment (equivalent of tenure). This is an alternative view to the alphabetical listing. Because it groups titles by family, promotional opportunities become more apparent. Title specifications for titles printed in red are not yet available. For information about abbrieviations, codes in parenthesis or how these descriptions should be used, go to: Title Description Code Definitions or back to the Classification Section of this manual.

Index for Links to SUNY Campus and System Administration Title Descriptions by Group

Academic Advisement Academic Administration Administrative Services Admissions Alumni Affairs Affirmative Action
Arts Management Business Affairs Campus School Career Services Community Relations Computer Services
Continuing Education Counseling Facilities Management Finance and Budget Financial Aid Graduate Assistantships
Health Institutional Research Instruction Instructional Resources Instructional Support Intercollegiate Athletics
Legal Affairs Library Maritime Personnel Planning Purchasing
Registration and Records Research Residential Life Safety/Security/Police Staff Support Student Activities
Student Affairs System Administration Teaching Hospital Technical Television Production

Index for Links to SUNY Teaching Hospital Title Specifications By Group
T.H. Administration and Support T.H. Biomedical Engineering T.H. CTS Anesthesia T.H. CTS Audiologist T.H. CTS Burn Unit T.H. CTS Cardiology
T.H. CTS EEG T.H. CTS EKG T.H. CTS Emergency Medical Services T.H. CTS Endoscopy T.H. CTS Environmental Health and Safety T.H. CTS Inservice Educator
T.H. CTS Operating Room T.H. CTS Pulmonary Function T.H. CTS Sleep Disorders T.H. CTS Speech Pathologist T.H. CTS Sterile Supply T.H. CTS Transplant
T.H. CTS Transplant Organ Perfusionist T.H. CTS Vascular Laboratory T.H. Diagnostic Radiography T.H. Financial Analysis T.H. Genetic Counseling T.H. Instructional Support
T.H. Laboratories T.H. Management Engineering T.H. Medical Instrumentation T.H. Medical Records T.H. Midwifery T.H. Nursing
T.H. Nutritional Services T.H. Occupational Therapy T.H. Patient Accounting T.H. Perfusionist T.H. Pharmacy T.H. Physical Therapy
T.H. Physicians Assistant T.H. Psychology T.H. Radiation Therapy T.H. Radiation Therapy (Dosimetry) T.H. Recreational Therapy T.H. Rehabilitation Therapy
T.H. Respiratory Therapy T.H. Social Work T.H. Utilization Review and Quality Assurance


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