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Outstanding Tutor Award Program


The purpose of the Student Learning Center Outstanding Tutor Award Program is to recognize tutors whose work is exemplary and demonstrates a commitment to student success.    Each month the SLC will recognize the work of 3-5 outstanding tutors.I Heart Tutors


Selection Criteria
The following criteria will be used to select the tutors:

  1. A tutor who possesses an outstanding work ethic.
  2. A tutor who possesses excellent tutoring strategies, including the ability to explain course content, model problem-solving strategies and/or course-specific study strategies.
  3. A tutor who possesses excellent interpersonal communications skills.
  4. A tutor who goes above and beyond to assist students in terms of scheduling flexibility or adapting tutoring strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  5. A returning tutor who has worked at the SLC for several semesters and whose experience makes him/her the “go-to” person for that subject.
  6. A tutor who maintains communication with the professor of the class for whom he/she tutors.
  7. A tutor whose friendly, positive disposition enhances the work environment of the SLC.

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Recent Outstanding Tutor Award Winners

March 2015

Tony Morse

Kammy Okolo
Sarah Richens
Women's Studies
Erin Shea History Writing
February 2015
Jerremy Lorch Writing
Camri Taylor Chemistry
Alex Theuman Accounting
Melissa Stoj Chemistry
November 2014
Greg Barron Criminal Justice
Allison Bohman Dance
Dawn Jones Criminal Justice
Noah Reger Philosophy
Warren Kelley MTH 111

Kelsey Mahoney

Women’s Studies
October 2014
Catherine Butler French/Spanish
Erica Cleveland Math

Kate Olscamp


September 2014

Sarah Elardo Conversation Partner
Rebecca Carrozzi Theatre
Allyson Burkhart
May 2014
Garrett Roe History/Writing
Shannon Bausinger Criminal Justice
Yuwa Adhikari Math
Devon Smith Math
Gina Stephan Psychology
April 2014
Steven Kanoff Biology
Austin Mead Economics
Brendan Durkee Health Science
Wyatt Weston Math
Kyle McAtee Chemistry
March 2014
Kenton DeCross ASL
Sam Brock
Steven Kanoff Biology
Ricky Tomczak History/Writing
Elizabeth Oinen Writing
February 2014
April Daniels
Derek Bernacki Biology
Michelle Whittum Chemistry & Math
Charlie Wildey Film Studies
November 2013
Lore McSpadden
Megan Teft Natural Science  
Shane Colvin Chemistry Shane is dependable and knowledgeable. He does an amazing job helping Chemistry students in a one-on-one setting.
Christian Eggleston Biology Christian's calm demeanor adds to the warm atmosphere of the Student Learning Center. Students under his tutelage have seen their grades and understanding improve dramatically!
Josh McGarvey Business Josh is extremely knowledgeable and he loves sharing his wisdom. He is our "go-to guy," for helping students with business classes and computer applications.
Brigitte Pace Psychology  

October 2013
AmberAmber Altrieth Chemistry Amber has an amazing work ethic and is remarkably dependable. Amber greets everyone with a smile and makes students feel comfortable.
Kayla Johnson Spanish  
Chloe Greeley Film Studies  
Matthew Kellish History  
Kelsey Hogan Accounting Kelsey loves to help others. She has an exceptional amount of patience and is always willing to go that extra mile to assist students in their learning.
September 2013
Dustin Deutsch
Math Dustin is very patient and employs a wide variety of tutoring strategies to insure students under his tutelage are learning. He does a great job using a variety of examples to help convey mathematical concepts.
Richard Deverell History/Writing  
Christina Hedding Writing  
Lindsey Schopf
Math Lindsey does an exceptional job at listening to students' concerns and recognizing how to best assist them.
Becca Bernacki Biology, Environmental Science, Excel Becca is a bit of a "Jill-of-All-Trades." She helps students in Biology 111, and various Environmental Science classes. Additionally, she is a master at Microsoft Excel and loves sharing her wisdom with large groups of students in Excel Basics Workshops. She is an invaluable member of the SLC team!
May 2013
Michael Bennett Psychology  
Chris Walden
Math and Earth Science Chris is very patient and knowledgable. He is committed to every student he works with. His expertise in Math, Earth Science, and Excel, makes him an invaluable member of our tutoring staff.
Amara VerValin Writing  
April 2013
Christina Hedding Writing  
Shauna Mauch Psychology  
Peter Rydzewski Sociology Peter is friendly, patient, and dedicated. His expertise, demeanor, and positivity make him an exceptional tutor.
Meegan Marvin
Math Meegan always puts students first and makes sure every math student that comes to the Student Learning Center is being assisted in a timely manner. She is also very knowledgeable and kind.
March 2013
Kendra Andrew
Psychology Kendra is patient and diligent. She is willing to go the extra mile to support students with various learning needs.
Marcia Fabinski
Accounting Marcia is a natural educator. She has tremendous expertise in accounting and is always more that willing to share it. Additionally, she possesses a welcoming personality that enhances the atmosphere at the SLC.
Paul Nasri Physical Education Paul has a deep passion for helping other people. He goes above and beyond by keeping in close contact with the faculty. He takes pride in providing students with the best possible tutoring experience.
February 2013

Megumi Itazawa-Coyle


Megumi is friendly, patient, and intelligent. She is dedicated to each and every student she tutors.

Jeff Walter
Math Jeff is helpful, friendly, and a natural educator. His expertise in mathematics makes him a "go-to" tutor for upper division classes.

Greg Matkosky


Greg is on his way to having a wonderful teaching career.

Amber Altrieth
Chemistry In addition to being super-friendly, Amber has an incredible ability to explain concepts in understandable terms. She also provides students with great chemistry-specific study strategies that help them perform better on exams.
December 2012
Brian Heiss
Biology Brian demonstrates tremendous expertise in Biology and a genuine passion for education.
Melanie Silver Biology Melanie loves sharing her expertise in Anatomy and Physiology and offers great course-specific study strategies.
Aubrey Etopio Health Science Aubrey is an expert at SPSS as she helps students from across the disciplines with using this software. She also demonstrates a strong commitment to the Student Learning Center and its patrons.

Lindsay Infantino
Writing Lindsay is an outstanding tutor because she has a deep understanding of and respect for the reader/writer relationship. She is clear and honest with students, and she takes the time to provide explanations so that students leave with a deeper understanding of how the choices writers make impact meaning.
Tanya Schimek
Spanish Tanya is responsible, knowledgeable, and friendly. She has a deep understanding of the Spanish language and enjoys helping others develop their language skills. Tanya is an invaluable member of our team.
November 2012

Deb Green
Writing Deb offers incredible insight as she analyzes your paper. She examines both the structure and the grammar, recognizing the relationship between the two. She also provides sound advice for ways to develop positive communication with faculty.
Charlie Ferrusi Health Science Charlie is very friendly and has a remarkable ability to explain things in simple, understandable terms.
Sean Dana
Math Sean has a great deal of expertise in college level mathematics. He is supportive and great at providing useful study tips to students.
Tim Dorsheimer
Math Tim possesses a welcoming personality and finds joy in helping others.
October 2012
Jeff Walter
Math Jeff is helpful, friendly, and a natural educator. His expertise in mathematics makes him a "go-to" tutor for upper division classes.
Olivia Viterna Writing Olivia is kind, patient, and smart. She is able to explain complex grammatical constructions in simple terms that students can relate to. She doesn't make you feel inferior for not knowing all of the punctuation rules.
Brittany Kollmer ASL Brittany's ability to teach American Sign Language and her ability to do it in a consistent and gentle way speaks loudly to her beautiful character!
September 2012
Josh Dubay
Math Josh always employs patience with whomever he is helping. His calm demeanor helps promote a great learning environment.
Katie Hess
Political Science Katie shows incredible dedication to the students she tutors.
Dave Cocuzzi
Accounting Dave's expertise in accounting is undeniable and he has a passion for helping others.