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Physical Education

Spring 2014

PES 305 Significance of Physical Activity: Dr. Torres  
PES 325 Kines Basis Exercie & Sportt: Dr. Williams  
PES 326 Kinetics: Dr. Too  
PES 335 Physi Basis Exercise & Sport: Any Professor  
PES 350 History of Sports: Dr. Mower  
PES 360 Philosophy of Sport: Dr. Torres  
PES 385 Basic Athletic Training: Dr. Wielgosz  
PES 405 Obesity in Society: Dr. Starkoff  
PES 439 Motor Learning: Dr. Haibach  

To request a tutor for another PES or PEP class or another time, please call the Student Learning Center at
(585) 395-2293 or fill out an online tutor request form.
All tutoring takes place in the Student Learning Center in Cooper Hall, unless otherwise noted.