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Tutor Tips

Learning How to Learn

In order for students to master new information, they must first learn how to learn. Tutors play a critical role in helping students develop effective learning strategies. Tutors accomplish this in many ways:

1. Identify step-by-step instructions that explain how to solve a problem.

2. Model how to approach a problem: “I find it helpful to …..” “While reading, you might find it helpful to ….”

3. Ask a series of scaffolding questions which build to the solution.

Here are some other learning strategies that you might wish to share with students:

  1. conversation, recitation
  2. writing to learn
  3. outlines (organizing, differentiating, and categorizing)
  4. visual representations (drawings, charts, graphs, etc.)
  5. note cards, models, flash cards
  6. tape recorders
  7. computer-assisted study
  8. textbook reading strategies, such as SQ3R
  9. lecture note-taking strategies, such as Cornell Notes
  10. test-taking tips
  11. lecture review and office hours tips
  12. forming study groups
  13. accessing previous knowledge
  14. Critical thinking : classify, compare/contrast, evaluate, define, exemplify, amplify, and/or critique information.
  15. changing study environments
  16. Time management
  17. predicting test questions
  18. vocabulary lists
  19. reward system
  20. healthy lifestyle