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Tutor Tips

Roles and Responsibilities of Tutors


1. tutor

2. student

3. employee of the SLC and the College



1. Tutor
Tutoring involves many strategies and techniques that tutors discover and develop through experience, reading tutoring literature, and sharing ideas with other tutors and professional staff. Successful tutors learn how to balance interpersonal communication skills with teaching/learning strategies. Conversation, questioning, modeling, trouble-shooting, sharing, and problem solving are among the tutoring/teaching skills tutors develop.


2. Support SLC and College missions
While functioning as an SLC tutor and an employee of the College, you have the opportunity to directly support student success. Central to the College mission and to the work done at the SLC is the desire for students to succeed, to learn how to learn, to enjoy learning, to become resourceful, and to achieve high standards.


3. Perform Job Responsibly
Students, faculty, and SLC staff depend upon the quality work performance of tutors. Maintaining commonsense work habits, such as arriving on time, greeting students, being helpful, and communicating with staff allow the SLC to fulfill its mission and help tutors develop professionally.