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Undergraduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

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Key to Course Listings

Course Listing Legend

Key to Course Listings in this Publication
Cr. Credits earned by successfully completing the course.
Fall Course is usually offered only in the fall semester.
Spring Course is usually offered only in the spring semester.
Summer Course is usually offered only in the summer sessions.
No Semester Indicated Course is offered irregularly or to be announced.

Course Listing Legend

Course Level Numbers
0-99 Non-credit course
100-199 Lower-division undergraduate course; no prerequisites
200-299 Lower-division undergraduate credit course; may have prerequisites
300-499 Upper-division credit course; normally requires junior status or above
500-599 Introductory-level graduate courses

A Liberal Arts courses
B Non-liberal Arts
Breadth Component courses of the General Education program:
C Comparative Perspective courses
F Fine Arts without performance
H Humanities
L Natural Science with lab
N Natural Science without lab
P Fine Arts with performance
S Social Sciences
Other General Education Codes:
I Contemporary Issues
T Computer Literacy
W Perspectives on Women

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