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Meeting held September 20, 2013
222 Seymour Union; 2:30-3:34 pm

Present: Gail Argetsinger, Laurie Cook, Eileen Daniel, Michael Fox, Peter Hager, Baban Hasnat, Sara Kelly, Jose Maliekal, Jennifer St. John

  1. Changed name of committee from last year’s “College-wide Assessment Committee” to “Academic Assessment Committee” which will also function as a sub-committee of the Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability Committee (IEAC).

  2. The role of the Academic Assessment Committee will involve monitoring the assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs) in the departmental programs and General Education, as well as certain aspects of the Strategic Plan.

  3. Last year we provided feedback on departmental assessment and closing the loop, the Dean’s level institutional assessment reports, and institutional student learning outcomes.

  4. We reviewed the Institutional Assessment System flow chart, the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Procedures, the charge to the Academic Assessment Committee (made a small change – added Jennifer St. John to the membership and changed Robert Blake to Robert Baker), and the Department, Dean and Cabinet Level responsibilities flow chart (made adjustments to flow chart by adding IEAC in the Dean’s level box then removing the arrow from the Dean to the Provost).

  5. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and other assessment information is to be available on the Assessment FileCity2 account. There is a question about what information should be public and what should be password protected.

  6. SUNY Geneseo Website is an example of limited public access to information on Academic Assessment. Brockport will probably do something like this.

  7. General Education SLO assessment will go through a similar but separate process.

  8. Both undergraduate and graduate assessments in academic departments fall under the Academic Assessment system.

  9. Committee will meet every two weeks. Time/place of next meeting to be announced.

Adjourned: 3:34 pm
Respectfully submitted by Debbie Lamphron

Last Updated 10/30/17

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