Academic Assessment Committee

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Meeting held September 30, 2013
187 Seymour Union; 3:00-3:54 pm

Present: Gail Argetsinger, Robert Baker, Laurie Cook, Eileen Daniel, Michael Fox, Peter Hager, Baban Hasnat, Sara Kelly

  1. We will be meeting in 228 Seymour Union from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm on the following dates: October 21; November 4; November 18; December 2; February 10; February 24; March 10; March 31; April 14 and April 28th

  2. The Assessment website in draft form was demonstrated and reviewed for the committee. This website will present all the yearly dean’s level Strategic Plan reports by school; strategic plan for 2011-2012; 2012-2013 and 2013-2014; along with the Student Learning Outcomes for the programs; 3-year assessment plans (we should look at these, they need our attention) and closing the loop reports for 2012-2013. The website will be open soon for all Brockport faculty and staff – password protected. The College Portrait (about College statistics and assessment) entry being developed will be linked from the College webpage for the off-campus website view – comparing recruitment statistics and retention statistics and other statistics of member institutions. Brockport was one of five SUNY units to be a pilot program for getting their assessment information up on our website. SUNY Oneonta, Binghamton and Albany are the other schools in the SUNY system to implement College Portrait. Questions from the committee related to how departments might use assessment data to justify resource allocations and whether these potential uses might affect the assessment process. How faculty might perceive the potential for evaluative use of assessment results was also discussed.

  3. Middle States is looking for evidence of sustainable assessment systems in place. As a result of the assessment structure, requests for resource allocation should be justified and assessed (space, funds, and faculty) with supporting data. We need to make sure that these connections are in place.

  4. The Schools are providing PowerPoint slides used in their departmental assessment presentations with the Provost and Vice Provost. We may be able to use these slides for the public view on the website. They are less detailed and can be a thumbnail sketch of program assessment outcomes.

  5. Closing the loop statements should go through another set of eyes for content review before being posted for public view.

  6. Michael will be assisting with presentations on assessment to the PAC meeting on Wednesday of this week and in the College Senate meeting next Monday

Adjourned: 3:54 pm
Respectfully submitted by Debbie Lamphron

Last Updated 10/30/17

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