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Meeting held November 4, 2013
228 Seymour Union; 3:00-4:07 pm

Present: Laurie Cook, Eileen Daniel, Michael Fox, Peter Hager, Baban Hasnat, Jose Maliekal

  1. We will be meeting in 228 Seymour Union from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm on the following dates: November 18; December 2; February 10; February 24; March 10; March 31; April 14 and April 28

  2. Discussed the General Education Student Learning Outcomes and the Gen. Ed Assessment Schedule we are currently using. The College at Brockport has as our General Education Student Learning Outcomes, which are the SUNY Gen. Ed. list plus the outcomes of major programs. Michael distributed a list which is on the College Assessment Website as “Institutional Student Learning Outcomes.” We have to get more involved in Gen. Ed. Student Learning Outcomes. It was pointed out that the introductory paragraph may not be accurate relative to the wording of the Mission Statement.

  3. Reviewed the email-distributed current draft of the Middle States Monitoring Report, which is due to the President by the end of November, and will go off campus in early March 2014. The Monitoring Report will provide evidence for our on-going, systematic, sustainable, institutional assessment structure and implementation for Middle States Standards #7 and #14.

  4. Distributed and briefly discussed the Strategic Plan dated 2011-2016. Leah Barrett and Michael will be presenting to College Senate on November 11th a progress report on the College’s Strategic Plan goals. This is a Power Point presentation to summarize data in support of the SP goals. The sub-committee members expressed some concerns on this presentation including:

    1. Important!! Graduate Programs are left out of the Strategic Plan and assessment.
    2. Graduation rates and retention rates. How are these measured? Not only variables. We can be more selective as a way of improving retention (at the expense of lower total numbers/revenue).
    3. Use High School rank, average, and graduation rate.
    4. Need a better way to compare ourselves with peers.
    5. Student Learning Outcomes and student success; cultural diverse change mission on SLO.

  5. Sub-committee members will review the Monitoring Report draft they were sent and send comments to Michael as they have time.

Adjourned: 4:07 pm
Respectfully submitted by Debbie Lamphron

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