Administrative Assessment Subcommittee of The Institutional Effectiveness & Accountability Committee

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9 September 2013

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Updates on Institutional Assessment Initiatives:
    1. Assessment Systems
    2. Middle States Monitoring Report
    3. Website & College Portrait
  3. Charge & Sub-Committee Membership:
    1. Subcommittees & Their Roles
    2. Housekeeping Items
      1. Access to information – File City 2
      2. Copies or not?
        • Documents will be transmitted electronically; committee members will be notified when documents have been loaded on File City.
      3. Regular Meetings & Expectations
        • The subcommittee will meet twice a month until December; 4 or 5 times a year following.
  4. The intersection of the Strategic Plan Monitoring & the Middle States Monitoring Report:
    1. Strategic Plan Monitoring
      1. This subcommittee has been tasked with identifying evidence for the Monitoring Report that the College is working towards accomplishing the goals established in the Strategic Plan.
      2. The following Strategic Plan goals will be addressed by this subcommittee:
        • 1.2 Grow and sustain Living/Learning Communities (Leah Barrett)
        • 4.1 Implement engagement practices into all four years of the Student Leadership Program (Alissa Gee)
        • 4.2 Complete the Academic Success Center (Bob Henry)
        • 4.4 Increase diversity across all populations of the campus (Megan Sarkis)
        • 4.5 Expand Health and Wellness programming to encompass a broader range of issues and programming (Leah Barrett)
        • 5.1 Implement the Facilities Master Plan (Bob Henry)
        • 5.2 Promote best practice in sustainability (Karen Riotto)
        • 6.1 Create the capacity to further develop residential life facilities (Leah Barrett/Bob Henry)
        • 7.2 Increase partnerships with regional businesses (Mike Andriatch/Debbie Jacob)
        • 7.3 Increase campus participation in the community (Debbie Jacob)
        • 8.1 Increase outreach to alumni locally and across the country through a variety of activities (Mike Andriatch)
        • 9.1 Launch and complete the $25M comprehensive campaign (Mike Andriatch)
        • Allocation of resources between four constructs, college priorities, and college goals since inception of the strategic plan (Karen Riotto)
    2. Evidence Report Format
      1. Goal
        1. Operationalize (define) Goal
      2. Evidence (possible sources to tap)
        1. Website
        2. Common data set
        3. Annual report
        4. Data from Research, Analysis & Planning
        5. Chart/graph
        6. Direction of AVP
      3. Resources expended
        1. Human resources
        2. Financial
    3. Relationship with College-Wide Committees
      • We need to confirm there are systems in place and data is being used to make informed decisions by the college-wide committees.
    4. Timeline – December 2013
  5. Closing & Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting October 4, 2013, 1:00-2:30 pm

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