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4 October 2013

  1. Updates on Strategic Plan Monitoring: Reviewed the evidence for each of the strategic goals.
    1. 1.2 – Grow and sustain Living/Learning Communities. (Leah)
      • Complete.
    2. 4.1 – Implement engagement practices into all four years of the student leadership program. (Alissa)
      • Complete.
    3. 4.2 – Complete the Academic Success Center. (Bob)
      • Documentation on the process and where we are today is needed.
    4. 4.4 – Increase diversity across all populations of the campus. (Megan)
      • Enrollment data provided. Human Resources data is needed.
    5. 4.5 – Expand Health and Wellness Programming to encompass a broader range of issues and programming. (Leah)
      • Uploaded to FileCity2 on 10/7/13.
    6. 5.1 – Implement the Facilities Master Plan. (Bob)
      • Master Plan prioritizing criteria needs to be articulated and progress report provided.
    7. 5.2 – Promote best practice in sustainability. (Karen)
      • The 2012-13 books have not been closed yet; more information to come soon.
    8. 6.1 – Create the capacity to further develop residential life facilities. (Bob)
      • Leah to provide narrative. Evidence uploaded to FileCity2 on 10/15/13.
    9. 7.2 – Increase partnerships with regional businesses. (Mike)
      • Nearly complete.
    10. 7.3 – Increase campus participation in the community (Debbie)
      • Need Community Development data. More data can be found on the Academic Affairs website where it is broken down by school…will need to refer to different annual reports.
    11. 8.1 – Increase outreach to alumni locally and across the country through a variety of activities. (Mike)
      • Complete.
    12. 9.1 – Launch and complete the $25M comprehensive campaign. (Mike)
      • Complete.
  2. Update on Resources Allocated between four constructs, college priorities, and college goals since inception of the strategic plan (Karen):
    • In progress – will have an update at October 25 meeting.
  3. Update on relationship with College-Wide Committees:
    • The annual College-wide committee report expectation document created by the AVPs and Vice Provost was reviewed. It was suggested that time frame could be mid-October and mid-April as opposed to hard dates of October 15 and April 15.
  4. Discussion – working with departments/vice presidents to ensure assessment systems are in place and decisions are made based in evidence.
    • Work with vice presidents and leaders to ensure assessment systems are in place in all 4 divisions/check to see if the other divisions have assessment coordinators.
  5. Closing & Next Meeting:
    • Next meeting is October 25, 1:00-2:30, Union, room 228

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