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25 October 2013

  1. Welcome & Check-In
  2. Updates on compiling evidence for Strategic Plan Progress Report:
    • 1.2 – Grow and sustain Living/Learning Communities. (Leah)
    • 4.1 – Implement engagement practices into all four years of the student leadership program. (Alissa)
    • 4.2 – Complete the Academic Success Center. (Bob)
    • 4.4 – Increase diversity across all populations of the campus. (Megan)
    • 4.5 – Expand Health and Wellness Programming to encompass a broader range of issues and programming. (Leah)
    • 5.1 – Implement the Facilities Master Plan. (Bob)
    • 5.2 – Promote best practice in sustainability. (Karen)
    • 6.1 – Create the capacity to further develop residential life facilities. (Leah)
    • 7.2 – Increase partnerships with regional businesses. (Debbie)
    • 7.3 – Increase campus participation in the community (Debbie)
    • 8.1 – Increase outreach to alumni locally and across the country through a variety of activities. (Mike)
    • 9.1 – Launch and complete the $25M comprehensive campaign. (Mike)
  3. Update on Resources Allocated between four constructs, college priorities, and college goals since inception of the strategic plan (Karen)
  4. Middle States Monitoring Report Update
  5. Strategic Plan Progress Report Update:
    • Summary Presentation at College Senate planned for November.
    • Will distribute report to subcommittee for review.
  6. How will we work with departments/vice presidents to ensure assessment systems are in place and decisions are made based in evidence?
    • Review list of assessment coordinators
    • Process/system discussion – general discussion, more to follow once Strategic Plan Progress Report is complete
  7. Closing:
    • Next Meeting is November 8 at 1 pm.

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