Administrative Assessment Subcommittee of The Institutional Effectiveness & Accountability Committee

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Minutes – 8 November 2013

  1. Welcome & Check-In
  2. Strategic Plan Progress Report Review & Feedback:
    • Reviewed power point for College Senate Presentation scheduled for 11 November, 2013.
    • Collected feedback on power point and report.
    • The next step is to share the report with the IEAC and make comment.
    • Report with IEAC comments will be given to President’s Cabinet via Dr. Wilson before Winter Break.
  3. Middle States Monitoring Report Update:
    • Janie Hinds reported on the report status. Goal is to present the report to President and Cabinet the first week in December.
  4. Closing & Next Meeting:
    • November 22 at 1 pm.
    • Agenda Items:
      1. How will we work with departments/vice presidents to ensure assessment systems are in place and decisions are made based in evidence?
      2. College Senate Reaction to SPPR

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