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22 November 2013

  1. Strategic Plan Progress Report:
    • The Strategic Plan Progress Report was presented by IEAC Co-chairs Michael Fox and Leah Barrett to College Senate on November 11. There was very little feedback.
    • Next Monday or Tuesday a written report will be sent to the IEAC Committee. We will ask for feedback from committee members at the December 11 meeting. The document with feedback will then be sent to President’s Cabinet.
  2. Middle States Monitoring Report Update:
    • The draft is almost ready for Cabinet approval. Janie Hinds will review with Dr. Wilson. Then it will be presented it to Dr. Halstead and Cabinet in mid-December for their feedback.
  3. How will we work with departments/vice presidents to ensure assessment systems are in place and decisions are made based in evidence?
    • Leah will work on revising a self-assessment document to guide our discussion. She will send to the sub-committee for feedback. It was agreed we should hold a training/orientation for administrative assessment reporting. The orientation will be January 16 from 11:00-1:00. This will serve as our next meeting. Departments will complete the self-assessment and representatives from Enrollment Management & Student Affairs will provide short overviews of their assessment initiative. We will also review the Annual Report template for 2013-14.
  4. Closing & Next Meeting:
    • The next meeting will be January 16, 11:00-1:00.
    • A March meeting will be scheduled.

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