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March 6, 2014

Present: Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Alissa Gee, Claire Goverts, Bob Henry, Janie Hinds, Debbie Jacob, Dawn Jones, Karen Riotto, Jamie Scheid

  1. Middle States Monitoring Report Update (Janie Hinds):

    The report has been received by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The commission will decide if the report is enough or if another site visit is needed. Our accountability website continues to develop; Michael and Leah continue to add content to it. Middle States will see a reflection of what we have said in our report on that site.

  2. Assessment Office Update (Leah Barrett):

    There has been administrative approval to move forward in hiring assessment professionals on a full time basis that will take the place of the work Michael Fox and Leah Barrett have been doing. The job descriptions are being written; they should be posted in the next several weeks. It might be two FTE positions, and possibly a part time support.

  3. Review and Comment on Enrollment Management Committee Presentation (Leah Barrett):

    Thoughts and or recommendations were asked for by looking at the data from an assessment view in the EM and the B&RC committee presentations. Based on the data, there have been some significant changes in reference to our plan for enrollment for next fall. The hope is that, by census date (end of third week of semester), we will have 1,230 first year students (compared to this past fall we had 1,080). A strategic process is being used to identify the additional students: a combination of their GPA and SAT scores that meet our minimums, and are close enough to our quality indicators that it won't impact the overall quality of the class are being used. We will be looking at students for majors that are under enrolled. This is a way to try to address some of the budget shortfalls. In addition, we hope to increase the number of transfer students by 50 (1,027). Requirements for transfer students will be modified slightly, from a 2.5 GPA to approximately 2.3. These decisions are based on the fact that we know we cannot meet our budget obligations; we need to do things differently. This shows we are using the data to make decisions. This committee has been given the charge to help weed through some of the data that's there and provide some feedback and thoughts.

  4. Review and Comment on Budget & Resource Committee Presentation (Leah Barrett):
    The priority needs funding process is not clear; all divisions do not go about asking for it in the same manner. The same process should be used by everyone. How do we use the data to make these decisions? This committee should recommend that there be an annual call for strategic investment. Research Analysis and Planning (RAP) can help point in right direction using data if people need help. Resources should be available besides using RAP.
  5. KPIs and Aspirant Peers:
    The IEAC is looking at KPIs and aspirant peers. Its goal is to revise/analyze these two documents and make recommendations; input from this committee will be asked.
  6. Next meeting April 30, 2014 at 10:30. Allen 7th Floor Conference Room.

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