IEAC Administrative Assessment Sub-committee Meeting

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August 15, 2014, 10:00 am, Union, Room 187

Attendees: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Claire Goverts, Bob Henry, Debbie Jacob, Dan Petree, Karen Riotto, Megan Sarkis, Jamie Scheid

Absent: Janie Hinds, P. Gibson Ralph

  1. Assessment Director Update:
    Our new Assessment Director is Frances Dearing. She will assume her role here in mid-September. She will be housed in Brown; location TBD. She comes here from Suffolk County Community College and brings with her an incredible amount of experience.
  2. Middle States Update:
    Ms. Dearing will be here September 5 for the Middle States visit. Middle States wants us to prepare another monitoring report, due in the spring of 2015. Dr. Sean McKittrick will be here for the day. Michael Fox’s administrative assistant, Debbie Lamphron, is setting up the schedule. The two things they are concerned with are: do we have a sustainable system for academic assessment, and how does our financial decision making tie to assessment? The monitoring report committee will be charged again by the Provost so that group can start work again. Middle States wants to see us adopt a resource allocation model.
  3. Planning & Assessment Updates:
    1. Administrative Assessment (Leah):
      Make sure annual reports are finished and are being posted on the website for each unit in your area.
    2. IR - Enrollment, Key Performance Indicators, NSSE, SOS (Claire & Jamie):
      Enrollment: projections look like 150 more students than last year. We are slightly ahead in freshman, transfers are up significantly (60-70 more). The graduate school is up too (up about 80 students). There's an increase of underrepresented populations in new students, both freshmen and transfers (about 20%).
      KPIs: data from the end of fiscal year 2014 is posted on the IR website. Our accredited academic programs are now listed on our Key Performance Indicators website. When we talk about strategic planning for the future how do we make sure we have Key Performance Indicators to measure the success of our strategic plan.
      NSSE: new in 2013 NSSE has engagement indicators instead of benchmarks. Some of the engagement indicators are organized into themes similar to the old benchmarks. In Enrollment Management and Student Affairs we have a team who will be working with Claire to really look at the NSSE data and how it relates to specific different groups of students so we can understand some of the impacts of students that are involved in different areas as well as come with different characteristics i.e., socio-economic status, ethnicity, first generation college students and what those numbers look like in reference to the student’s engagement and their level of retention and graduation, and how those intersect.
      SUNY Student Opinion Survey: it’s time for this survey to be administered. It is penciled in on the SUNY calendar of surveys for Spring 2015.
  4. Discussion:
    1. How do we meet the IEAC Administrative Assessment Responsibilities?
    2. What do we need to fulfill our role?
      1. Approve assessment plans and student learning outcomes where applicable.
      2. Provide feedback to units on assessment plans and student learning outcomes.
      3. Advise units on assessment techniques and methods.
        Most of our administrative assessment deals with KPIs and quantifiable goals. Some areas have student learning outcomes. Feedback is provided to units on their assessment plans and units are advised on assessment techniques and methods. How do we meet those responsibilities and what would we need to fulfill that role if that continues to be our work? How do people feel about doing annual reports this year? Most people feel more comfortable due to the training provided in January, but it seems that more training would be helpful.
  5. Student Membership:
    No discussion.

Next Meeting: To be determined after the new Assessment Director begins in September.

Last Updated 10/25/17

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