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Attendees: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Michael Fox, Janie Hinds, Sara Kelly, Jeff Lashbrook, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, Karen Riotto, Jennifer St. John, P. Gibson Ralph

  1. Assessment Director Update: Michael
  2. Middle States Update: Michael
  3. Planning and Assessment Updates
    1. Academic Assessment: Michael
    2. Administrative Assessment: Leah
    3. Administrative Assessment: Leah
  4. Discussion: Michael and Leah
    1. How do meet the IEAC Responsibilities?
      1. Monitor the Institutional effectiveness plan aligned with the College Mission and Strategic Plan
      2. Ensure assessment results are used to support continuous institutional renewal and improvement
      3. Periodically evaluate effectiveness and comprehensiveness of College assessment plans and processes
    2. What do we need to fulfill our role?
  5. Student Memberships

Last Updated 10/30/17

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