Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability Committee (IEAC) 2013-2014

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Mission – Provide an institutional view of assessment. We will provide leadership, oversight, and support for The College at Brockport assessment efforts aimed at enhancing the quality of College programs and services.

  1. Implement, in collaboration with units across the campus, an institutional effectiveness initiative that is aligned with the college’s mission statement and strategic plan.
    1. Periodically review college mission and strategic planning documents.
    2. Establish institution-wide indicators of institutional effectiveness. Periodically review and revise as necessary.
    3. Oversee assessment efforts at the college to ensure they result in meaningful and integrated information to support program/service improvement.
    4. Serve as a resource for institutional assessment efforts on campus (e.g., disseminate good practices for enabling continuous organizational learning and development).
  2. Ensure that assessment results are used to support continuous institutional renewal/improvement.
    1. Monitor the effects of assessment to ensure that assessment results are used in subsequent planning activities.
    2. Provide recommendations to the President’s Cabinet for budgeting and strategic planning informed by results of institutional effectiveness assessment.
    3. Assemble an annual report summarizing the college’s institutional effectiveness assessment efforts and distribute to the necessary campus stakeholders involved in planning, resource allocation, and institutional renewal.
  3. Periodically evaluate the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of our college’s assessment plan and process.

2013-14 Committee Membership

Name Title Department
Mr. Mike Andriatch AVP for Leadership and Planned Giving Advancement
Ms. Leah Barrett, Co-Chair Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Dr. Michael Fox, Co-Chair Vice Provost Academic Affairs
Ms. Alissa Gee Student Representative Graduate Student
Dr. Janie Hinds Professor English
Dr. Dawn Jones President College Senate
Ms. Sara Kelly Assistant Director Residential Life/Learning Communities
Dr. Jeffrey Lashbrook Director of Institutional Effectiveness Research, Analysis and Planning
Dr. Jose Maliekal Dean School of Science and Mathematics
Mr. Dave Mihalyov Chief Communications Officer Office of the President
Ms. Karen Riotto Assistant Vice President Finance and Management
Ms. Jennifer St. John Interim Coordinator Computer Skills, Assessment and Testing

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