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February 19, 2014

Present: Leah Barrett, Alissa Gee, Lin Becker, Dave Mihalyov, Jen St. John, Jeff Lashbrook, Michael Fox, Mike Andriatch, Karen Riotto, Jose Maliekal

  1. Updates:
    • Middle States Monitoring Report: The assignment has been completed. It will be added to the Middle States website next week. The document will be reviewed by our liaison; it will then be decided if it needs deeper exploration. We hope to know in a couple of weeks where we stand.
    • Administrative Assessment Orientation: The orientation was successful; more than 50 people attended.
      • Annual Report Template: the template is complete and on the website for people to utilize.
        Template Page
    • Progress Report on the Strategic Plan: President’s Cabinet discussed this at the retreat in January. The IEAC team hopes to receive cabinet's responses soon.
  2. Measures of Institutional Health:
    • Key Performance Indicators: are used to evaluate institutional health.
    • Institutions we use to compare: IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) reports the data that indicates institutional health; they show what our results are and how we compare to other schools that are similar to us and are positively achieving the goals we want to achieve. We need reasons why we have chosen the aspirant peers that we have chosen. Jeff Lashbrook will look to see if he has the original Eduventures report (he will send it to this group if he has the report); this may help explain how the current strategic plan was formed (Mark Noll may be able to help explain the history). Are there outcome measures relating to HIPs?
    • Assignments:
      • Jeff will look at schools’ Key Performance Indicators and send them out to the group. Look at institutions we compete with for our students (most come from 3-4 counties) and review their KPIs.
      • Leah will put the KPI’s into a matrix to allow feedback on if the individual indicators should be kept or revised. Look at how we are using the IPEDs data.
  3. Next Meeting: April 16 at 10:30 am

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