IEAC Meeting Minutes 2014-06-12

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9:00 a.m., Seymour Union, room 228

Present: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Michael Fox, Dawn Jones, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, Jamie Scheid

Absent: Janie Hinds, Jeff Lashbrook

  1. NSSE Comparator group (Jamie Scheid):
    1. We need to select three comparative groups for the main survey results and then one comparison group for each of the question sets. There are two question sets we chose to participate in: Academic Advising and Development of Transferrable Skills. Discussion ensued as to what institutions should be chosen this year (will be used for three years before we get a chance to choose new comparators):
      1. SUNY group: Minimum of 6; it was suggested we use all comprehensive institutions that participate this year.
      2. Aspirant Peer group: We should review the list attached in reference to which institutions have better outputs in some of the standards. Look at who is performing better than us (look at retention and graduation rates). We should focus on first year, full-time undergraduate student rates.
      3. Carnegie Classification: All public master’s granting institutions participating in NSSE.
  2. SUNY Performance Management System:
    1. Feedback for draft was provided and will be distributed for review before submitting to Cabinet.

Next Meeting: TBD in August

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