IEAC Meeting Minutes 2015-08-06

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2:00 p.m., Seymour Union, room 222

Present: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Michael Fox, Sara Kelly, Jeff Lashbrook, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, Karen Riotto, Jamie Scheid

Absent: Janie Hinds, P. Gibson Ralph, Jennifer St. John

  1. Assessment Director Update (Michael Fox):
    Frances Dearing is our new Director of Assessment. She is comes to us from Suffolk County Community College where she was the Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness. She will be joining us in mid-September. We are trying to establish an office for her in Brown Building. The office will be called the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment; as the director she will report directly to the Provost. Keith Nobles, Lee Robinson, and Jennifer St. John will report to Ms. Dearing.
  2. Middle States Update (Michael):
    We submitted our Monitoring Report in late February. That has been acted on by the Middle States Commission. They were not completely satisfied with our report so they are following up in an advisory capacity. The Middle States liaison, Dr. Sean McKitrick, will be visiting campus on September 5. He will be giving us some advice as to how to proceed as we move forward. The IEAC should make itself available to meet as needed that day. Dr. McKitrick will be meeting with the President, President’s Cabinet, this group, General Education assessment group, and with the deans and department chairs. Frances Dearing will be on campus for the visit that day.
  3. Planning & Assessment Updates
    1. Academic Assessment (Michael):
      We are collecting the assessment reports from the departments from the last year’s assessment. The deans are beginning to plan their school assessments. We are following the academic assessment plan as summarized in our Monitoring Report. We will continue to implement that, as is specified. We are also continuing with our general education assessment.
    2. Administrative Assessment (Leah):
      Every department within the division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs has a draft of their annual report done, with 7 of the 16 being complete. They should be posted to the website next week. All administrative units should have their annual reports done and posted by September 1. We need to note how our assessment data is used to inform our resource allocations
    3. Research, Analysis, and Planning – Enrollment, KPIs, NSSE, SOS (Jeff):
      Enrollment: The Research, Analysis, and Planning office does enrollment projections as far as one year out. The plan was to review it on a three month basis; however some people want it weekly. Based on the data found on the most recent Target Report, we are projecting that there will be 8,268 students for the fall 2014 semester.
      Key Performance Indicators: This year’s document became available about one month ago. With the timing of when we make this document available, we have to wait for some information after the close of the fiscal year, June 30. It’s July before we can finalize the data. If we think this document needs to be released earlier we may have to use prior year’s data. The document has information about Admissions, Student Demographics, Quality and various outcomes. It lists program accreditations and has some Advancement information.
      National Survey for Student Engagement: We administered NSSE this past spring. We should be getting this data within the next month.
      SUNY Student Opinion Survey: This survey is given every three years; we will be administering it in Spring 2015. It has been suggested that the survey continue to be given in class as opposed to online. It gives a better picture of the campus, and yields higher participation with more diverse participants.
  4. Discussion
    1. How do we meet the IEAC responsibilities?
    2. What do we need to fulfill our role?
      1. Monitor the Institutional Effectiveness and how it aligns with the College Mission and Strategic Plan:
        How effective are we at living our mission and our strategic plan? It necessitates an annual review of the strategic plan to see how effective we are with our goals. The strategic plan supports the College’s mission.
      2. Ensure assessment results are used to support continuous institutional renewal and improvement:
        We should be looking at what we’re doing and its validity in that respect. We need to make sure information gets to the right people. The biggest challenge in our system is how we intersect with our campus wide committees. Continued dialog is needed.
      3. Periodically evaluate effectiveness and comprehensiveness of College assessment plans and processes:
        There is a leader from each division on this committee. This should be a constituent based responsibility. The members of this committee serve as the liaison to the respective Vice Presidents to ensure this work is being completed at the Divisional level.
  5. Student Membership (Leah):
    A student has been identified who is very interested in participating on this committee to give the student perspective. He will receive some training and orientation when the semester begins.

Next Meeting: September 29, 2:00 pm, Union, room 228

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