IEAC Meeting Minutes 2014-09-29

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1:00 p.m., Seymour Union, room 222

Present: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Frances Dearing, Michael Fox, Janie Hinds, Sara Kelly, Jeff Lashbrook, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, P. Gibson Ralph, Karen Riotto, Jamie Scheid, Ricky Treu

Absent: Jennifer St. John

  1. Welcome and introduce Frances Dearing, Assessment Director, and Ricky Treu, student representative (Barrett & Fox)
  2. Review of Middle States Visit and Plans for the Future (Dearing)
    1. We will continue to work on improvements in our assessment to meet the ever changing Middle States expectations.
    2. Frances distributed a Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Student Learning Assessment Processes which is intended for institutions to use as a tool to help them assess the status of their assessment efforts in terms of Middle States’ accreditation standards and expectations for student learning.
    3. Update our Strategic Plan and align it to institutional goals to include metrics and action plans. For each goal there should be an action plan with some type of resource allocation. We need to adopt a sustainable assessment plan – a schedule, a plan, and activity every year.
    4. Work with members of this committee and the Administrative Assessment Subcommittee to create a format to capture a narrative for administrative assessment
    5. At this time there is no update on the monitoring report that is due September 1, 2015.
  3. Create plan of action to conduct annual review of the Strategic Plan (Barrett)
    1. 2012-13 Progress Report
    2. 2014 SPR Cabinet Respnse
    3. Close the loop on the Cabinet response (Michael Fox).
    4. Create a timeline for review of the Strategic Plan Progress Report (Jeff Lashbrook/Sara Kelly).
    5. Write a short narrative to articulate our progress on the current Strategic Plan. Goals:
      1. 1.1 Increase Student Learning within the curriculum (Leah)
      2. 1.2 Grow and sustain Living/Learning Communities (Sara
      3. 2.1 Implement a cohesive and intentional general education program (Frances/Michael)
      4. 2.2 Increase programmatic accreditation where available (Frances/Jeff -list of accredited programs)
      5. 3.1 Increase student involvement in faculty scholarship (Jose)
      6. 3.2 Incorporate high impact educational practices into the curriculum (Leah)4.1 Implement engagement practices into all four years of the student leadership program (Ricky)
      7. 4.2 Complete the Academic Success Center (Michael/Leah)
      8. 4.3 Complete the full-scale launch of the Institute for Engaged Learning (Leah)
      9. 4.4 Increase diversity across all populations of the campus (Janie)
      10. 4.5 Expand Health and Wellness Programming to encompass a broader range of issues and programs (Sara)
      11. 5.1 Implement the Facilities Master Plan (Karen)
      12. 5.2 Promote best practice in sustainability (Karen)
      13. 6.1 Create the capacity to further develop residential life facilities (Sara)
      14. 7.1 Increase partnerships with K-12 schools (Michael/Jose)
      15. 7.2 Increase partnerships with regional businesses (Mike)
      16. 7.3 Increase campus participation in the community (Dave/Ricky)
      17. 8.1 Increase outreach to alumni locally and across the country through a variety of activities (Mike)
      18. 9.1 Launch and complete the $25M comprehensive campaign (Mike)
      19. Timeline: provide drafts for feedback by our next meeting, October 30. We will use the time in the meeting to have general reactions and have report finished fairly early in November.
  4. Call to College-wide committees for Fall Report to IEAC (Barrett)
    1. Annual College-wide Committee Report Expectations
    2. The fall report from the Budget and Resource Committee will include the end of the year all funds financial summary for the College in reference to their recommendations of moving forward in reference to the financial picture of the institution. This report will include analysis of return on investments and forward thinking recommendations to sustain the financial health of the College. They are also having discussions related to resource allocation systems for when there is money available for priority needs; if there is money for investments, how will they be chosen? We need similar reports from the Enrollment Management, Diversity, and the campus wide Facilities & Planning Committees. We will need to react to reports from these committees and make some commentary about them to the Cabinet.

Next Meeting: October 30, 2:00 pm, Union, room 228

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