IEAC Meeting Minutes 2014-10-30

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Seymour Union, room 228, 2:00 p.m.

Present: Mike Andriatch, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Frances Dearing, Michael Fox, Janie Hinds, Sara Kelly, Jeff Lashbrook, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, P. Gibson Ralph, Ricky Treu

  1. Review of Progress Report Findings – Thoughts/reactions:
    1. Please review over the next week or so and provide feedback; is there information missing that you know should be there.
    2. It was suggested that instead of stating “Goal is a work in progress: that “Reaching the goal is a work in progress” be used.
    3. We have learned a lot through this process – next Strategic Plan…the goals need a matrix to measure progress.
    4. Add highlights from IEL Task Force reports
    5. Jeff Lashbrook to provide data from SUNY Applied Learning report.
    6. Frances Dearing will check with the deans from each school to verify all academic accreditations are listed with this goal.
    7. More information to be added on the Academic Success Center.
    8. In addition to goals we also have global measurable outcomes – retention, graduation rates, best practice institution by comparable institution, and NSSE. The Enrollment Management Committee from the fall will make recommendations related to revisions of retention and graduation rates more in line with the institution and the type of student that comes to Brockport at their December meeting.

  2. Review of Budget & Resource Fall Back Report & Pending Activities (attached) & Status of other College-wide committees fall 2014 report:
    1. We have a partnership relationship with our college wide committees to be the check and balance on each other to be sure we are using evidence to support college wide decisions. Each college-wide committee should provide a report in the fall. Our role is to provide reactions to the reports to share with the respective committees, and to President’s Cabinet.
    2. A draft of the Annual Planning and Resource Allocation Calendar was handed out. B&RC wants to adopt it for resource allocation in reference to their tying dollars to the strategic direction of the institution
    3. In discussions of assessment and closing the loop, there is pressure on our college-wide committees to be more planful in their work pertaining to how they communicate processes and procedures in reference to budget, enrollment, and facilities as well as our over-arching effort at the institution to be a more inclusive campus community through the work of the Diversity Committee.
    4. Previously all deans were members of all of the college-wide committees. In an effort to streamline things only one dean was assigned to each committee. After this was changed there was no reporting structure for the division representative to bring feedback to their division. This is a deficiency in the way that these committees are working.
  3. Academic Assessment Sub-committee Update:
    1. The Academic Assessment Sub-committee has not met this year.
    2. Frances Dearing held open assessment forums this week to inform faculty and community about where we need to improve on assessment, what we have done well, where we want to go down the road, and to get feedback early in process. Frances will give an assessment summary to AALT next week.
  4. Administrative Assessment Sub-committee Update:
    1. The Administrative Assessment Sub-committee has not met this year. We are going to assess who the sub-committee works. Much of the work the sub-committee did last year is being done by the IEAC committee. The IEAC committee should be doing the monitoring reports on the strategic plan and reflecting on the work done by the college-wide committees. The Administrative Assessment Sub-committee can work on systems to support unit level assessment.
  5. Middle States Monitoring Report Update:
    1. Dr. Zuckerman has not appointed the committee yet.
  6. Other:
    1. Please continue to review and provide feedback on the progress of our Strategic Plan and please take some time before the next meeting to review the reports from Facilities and Planning, the Diversity Committee, and the Enrollment Management Committee.

Next meeting: February 6, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

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