IEAC Meeting Minutes 2015-03-11

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Present: Dave Mihaylov, Jeff Lashbrook, John Sapienza, Michael Fox, Leah Barrett, Karen Riotto, Kenneth Wierzbowski, Jason Morris, Ricky Treu, Kari Smoker

  1. Review & comment on the Cabinet Response to the 2014 Strategic Plan Progress Report
    1. It was recommended that Jeff and Michael attend the next VPs Meeting to request more specific reactions to the Progress Report.
      1. We want a notation made for each item on the strategic plan.
      2. We also need more direct language to answer the question… “now what?”
  2. Review, comment and improve the Strategic Plan Resource Allocation spreadsheet
    1. Document was reviewed and feedback was given.
    2. Improvements to the form include the following suggestions:
      1. No totals
      2. Add a column to provide baseline (2012-13)
      3. Still a work in progress – will review updates at next meeting
  3. Middle States Monitoring Report Update
    1. Draft #1 will be presented to Dr. Zuckerman the week of March 16.
      1. Dr. Zuckerman, Chair
      2. Karen Riotto
      3. Eric Kaldor
      4. Jeff Lashbrook
      5. Michael Fox
      6. Frances Dearing
      7. Leah Barrett
    2. Feedback opportunities will be made available through open forums and a presentation to College Senate.

April 22 from 1-2:30, Union Room 209

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