IEAC Meeting Minutes 2015-12-02

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2:30 p.m., Seymour Union, room 228

Present: Sarah Agate, Leah Barrett, Lin Becker, Michael Fox (in at 3:10), Sara Kelly, Jeff Lashbrook, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, Jason Morris, P. Gibson Ralph, Jill Wesley

Absent: Kari Smoker, John Sapienza, Frances Dearing, Ken Wierzbowski, Karen Riotto

  1. Introduction of new members Sarah Agate and Jill Wesley.
  2. Strategic Plan Progress Report:
    1. Increase service learning within the curriculum.
      1. The Institute for Engaged Learning and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching will be taking on roles with this.
      2. Baseline and metrics are needed.
      3. Goal is a work in progress.
        1. Service learning should be in the mix of student engagement.
        2. Data from Activity Insight should be updated.
        3. NSSE data – Brockport has some of the highest service learning participation rates in the SUNY Comprehensive. This is outlined in the NSSE Summary Report.
    2. Grow and Sustain Living/Learning Communities.
      1. More data should be available in summer of 2016.
    3. Enhance the General Education Program through a planned series of actions that increase the cohesiveness and intentionality of the curriculum.
      1. Frances Dearing provided an update: the work of the General Education Assessment team and the work of the General Education Innovation team is progressing.
    4. Maintain programmatic accreditation and seek new national accreditations as opportunities become available.
      1. We are in good shape with this goal.
    5. Increase student involvement in faculty scholarship.
      1. Jose Maliekal provided a summary; this is part of each school’s annual report.
    6. Incorporate high impact educational practices into the curriculum.
    7. Implement engagement practices into all four years of the leadership program.
      1. Goal is accomplished
    8. Complete the Academic Success Center
      1. Goal is progressing; the architect starts Monday, December 7, 2015
    9. Complete the full-scale launch of the Institute for Engaged Learning.
      1. Goal is accomplished
    10. Increase diversity across all populations of the campus. (Note: Goal includes students, staff, and faculty).
      1. Data was taken from SUNY Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). There is a decrease in diversity for faculty.
    11. Expand Health and Wellness Programming to encompass a broader range of issues and programs.
      1. The Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability committee has asked Enrollment Management and Student Affairs to be more specific and create some metrics. Data is in department reports.
    12. Implement the Facilities Master Plan (FaMP).
      1. Continuing to implement the Master Plan, review, and update.
    13. Promote best practice in sustainability.
      1. Several examples are presented as things we have done to improve our financial position and systems
    14. Create the capacity to further develop residential life facilities.
      1. We received approval for rational room rate increase for the next five (5) years.
    15. Increase partnership with K-12 schools.
      1. Jose Maliekal can provide some additional information; Sara Kelly can provide more information from Res Life
    16. Increase partnerships with regional businesses.
      1. The IEAC continues to ask the Cabinet to identify a leader for this goal.
    17. Increase campus participation in the community.
      1. The Deans have been requested to ask their department chairs to provide information to the Provost. Leah Barrett will ask Cindy Krautwurst for data.
    18. Increase engagement with alumni locally and across the country through a variety of activities.
      1. Kerry Gotham provided an update; it needs to be incorporated into the document.
    19. Launch and complete the $25M comprehensive campaign.
      1. Goal is accomplished.
    20. Global Measurable Outcomes
      1. NSSE Items – Quality of Academic Engagement and Supportive Campus Environment: no new data since 2014 Progress Report; next administration in 2017.
      2. Better than predicted Retention and Graduation Rates: reflected in PIP in relation to colleges in our sector.
      3. A policy and process environment that efficiently and effectively supports the mission of the College is developed and implemented: relates to Goal 5.2. Cabinet requested this group provide examples how we are improving our policy and process environment. Examples include new Title IX Officer hired, new records management system implemented in University Police, and improvements to the Brockport Foundation Scholarship Program.
  3. Recommendations to inform the next strategic plan.
    1. The style and presentation may change but not the content. Change is needed to help assess progress better.
    2. Each goal must be measurable and have a metric to effectively measure progress; include baselines for each goal.
    3. Use external surveys or measurements as the metric.
    4. Designate a time frame to achieve the goal. Always designate an individual who will provide leadership to the goal
    5. These recommendations will be shared with Cabinet as part of the Progress Report.
  4. Review of Brockport PIP (Performance Improvement Plan).
    1. This is the current version of how SUNY will measure the success of The College at Brockport. The goal for SUNY is 150,000 completions a year.
    2. The President’s evaluation is based on the PIP.
    3. The PIP should be tied to the Strategic Plan goals.
  5. Other: College Survey Group and SOS Results.
    1. The College Survey Advisory Team is a new group that will intersect with this committee. Committee members include: Jeff Lashbrook, Claire Goverts, Frances Dearing, Leigh Robinson, Dale Hartnett, Sue Robb, Kim Piatt, Sara Kelly, Megan Sarkis, Erin Rickman, Anna Hintz, and Kerry Gotham
    2. The Student Opinion Survey (SOS) was administered last spring. The results have begun to be disseminated to interested individuals

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